Why the creator of Ace Ventura is a genius - honestly!

I've known it since I had myself in stitches for ninety minutes, watching Ace Ventura for the first of many, many times: the guy who came up with this is a genius. Today, almost twenty years later, I've discovered why. I just watched I Am, a beautiful documentary by Tom Shadyac, who decided not to make another comedy with Jim Carrey. Instead, he took a trip with two fundamental questions and a small film crew.

Tom visited some of "the world's greatest minds" to ask "What's wrong with the world?" And "What can we do about it?" The answers he got are anything but new-age American bollocks. I'm moved, and surprised, by some amazing research that explains why and how we're connected, truly connected. About our perception of separation, that is bollocks. Separation and competition is not our so-called human nature; it 'merely' causes us to support the existence of a world in which more-for-you-means-less-for-me.

 But this is no bad news show. One of its nicest message comes in response to the second question. Simple, cliché, and so true (in my perception:-): change happens because of little actions. We set it in motion with every little thing we do, day after day. Big or small doesn't matter; what matters is that "each one of us must do something that makes our hearts sing, because nobody will want to do it with us if we don't do it with passion." And with that, I happily leave you with the shift that's about to hit the fan. Click the play button to enjoy: Update - the film's been removed from Youtube due to Copyright reasons. Yes, the same copyright that came out of more-for-you-means-less-for-me. Old meets new? Anyway, here's more info: iamthedoc.com

Want to know more? Check iamthedoc.com. 

Thanks Tom, and thanks Rob for picking this film out and watching it with me!