About the world we demand to live in — Nick Poole


A couple of weeks back, I interviewed 10 people for Europeana, a collective effort to digitize, all of the cultural content that's locked away in museums, to bring it together, and to make it available for everyone to re-use and remix for their own creative expression. It was amazing to feel, really feel, everyone's passionate involvement. And to get a better understanding of why it's important that this happens.

But Nick really took the cake. I spent five minutes just listening, dumbstruck. I asked him maybe three questions, the rest of the time I could only let myself be inspired. I haven't often seen someone voicing something so fundamental, in such a clear, touching and visionary way - on screen or in real life.

His words and his message helped me see the bigger picture. Of why Europeana exists, and of why it should. And of course, I couldn't stick with the agreement of turning it into a one minute short:-). So here's Nick the way he was - and is. Enjoy!

Want to know more about Europeana? Check dreams.europeana.eu.

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