Gratitude as a scientific step towards happiness

Everything that receives attention grows. And gratitude's a really nice way to make something grow. Asking myself what I'm grateful for points me to the things and people in this life I can be happy about, however big or small. It helps me release myself from the grip of negative, destructive thoughts I occasionally find myself in. And more often than not, I discover beauty in very 'mundane', every day stuff — things and people I might otherwise not even notice.

Here are three videos - touching, hilarious, real - that profoundly impacted me (one of which I was fortunate enough to help create:-). Here's to the science of gratitude!


Happines comes before success, not the other way around

And our external world, the things that 'happen' to us, are not predictive of our happiness levels. And if we push happiness beyond the barrier of success, our brain never gets there.

The science of happiness - an experiment in gratitude

What happens when you just think of someone who profoundly impacted you, as opposed to when you share how (s)he profoundly impacted you?

Seize your beautiful moments

The most recent Heartworkers-film we made, a beautiful testament to what happens when you take note of beautiful moments, and see beauty in the smallest, even sad things.