Profit = me yes, you yes, planet yes.

A couple of weeks ago I went through my last box of books. Most of them ended up leaving the house, but this one I wanted to keep. I read it over four years ago, and together with Cradle to Cradle, it really opened my eyes to what profit actually means. Old news, but reminders never hurt. Actually, we need reminders. Because we haven't quite understood yet.

I'd say one definition of profit is 'me yes, you no'. Make it one worse, and it becomes 'me yes, you no, and fuck the planet'. Both become even more painful when I realize that a lot of businesses don't even know. That this is how they look at the world. They're just ignorant of how everything and everyone, in the end, is connected.

The Necessary Revolution not only looks at the problem, but gives some really inspiring examples of people solving them. Here's one quote I'd scribbled on a post-it note: "Businesses need to wake up to the simple fact that the economy is the wholly owned subsidiary of nature, not the other way around."

Brilliant. And I was hooked reading it. It's in my cupboard again, so if you want to borrow it and/or pass it on, let me know!