Green Truck Growers — 'Following your dreams is not expensive'


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I didn't do much filming since I left the Heartworkers-project two years ago. But with this trip coming up I wanted to carry a camera. For two months I hardly used it. At one point I even thought 'Why did I bother?' And then I met Roxanne, Ruaridh and Duncan. 

The first day we worked together at the Pillars of Hercules farm in Fife, Scotland, Duncan told me about their dream. I instantly felt love for what they were doing. I knew their story would inspire others too. I wanted to film and help them.

When I left the farm they took me in. For five days we shared house and meals, worked on their truck, sowed seeds and connected. So when I interviewed them on the last day it felt like being with friends. I loved making this first film and I'm very happy to now share it.

Ruaridh, Roxanne and Duncan are currently growing their fruit and vegetables on a plot of land they've been given to use for as long as the owner is not selling it. They're very happy with it but they don't know how long it will last. They'd love to plant fruit trees and establish a permaculture garden on the land, even if they can't stay there forever. But they don't want to see their efforts undone by a future owner who doesn't share their passion for soil regeneration.

I ask them about their ideal situation. What would they most love, no holds barred? This is what they said: 'A piece of land we know we can invest in for the future, maybe sharing it with other like-spirited people. We're not out to own anything, we just want to feel free to invest our time and energy into something that will grow to last.'

If you feel touched and want to help out, voice your support or share your experience, please leave a comment for the Green Truck Growers below.

Music: Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Nine, from the album Cylinders.

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