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"One Dutchman’s journey to find human happiness"

The story so far only told in Dutch. From a sleepless night in 2013, to the realisation that now drives me to do what I do: ‘The desire for a life that feels like living instead of surviving is something we all know inside, but we are not validated in that. We are validated by something else that completely goes against the grain of who we are.’

Thanks Deborah for a fantastic piece — en aangenaam :-).

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How community makes us healthier—and then some

I've had my reasons for dreaming of a sustainable life, in community and in harmony with nature. But the story I read last week gave me something I didn't see coming. It surprised  me and felt completely natural. Like a big piece of the puzzle clicking into place. The story is about a little village in the US that baffled researchers until they got their heads around what they were seeing. 

What they discovered only fuels my desire to live a life of community. And I don't have to wait. I'm doing it right here and now by connecting with people in a way I've come to love and depend on: in all honesty.

Here's to the healing power of community, not just on our heads but on our physical state! >Read

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Hitch-hiking with no destination — trust and panic and everything in between

On Sunday the 13th March I walk out to the road without knowing where I'm hitch-hiking to. All I have is an image and a wind direction. Minutes before I leave, Stevie gives me a book titled No Destination. What happens on this day leads to six weeks of adventure. This short film, shot by veteran film makers Sol, Arielle and Maya (four, seven and nine years old respectively) shows how I end up in the funkiest quarters I've ever slept in. 'Funky' being 'good funky', not 'smelly funky'. Enjoy! >Watch/Read

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Justin Tunstall — Real Bread

I'm about to round off three months of living and traveling in Scotland. I found a book's worth of beautiful people and inspiring stories. I wrote and—for the first time in more than two years—filmed some of them. I met Justin while I was volunteering at Pillars of Hercules, an organic farm in Fife. He's there three nights a week to bake organic bread for the farm's café and shop. I ask if I can join him on one of his baking sessions. So on a Sunday at five p.m. we start mixing and rolling. I get to meet a lovely, soft-hearted man and his passion for bread. And I now know why supermarket bread has such a ridiculously long list of ingredients. >Read

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