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In 2016 I lived and traveled without money for ten months. An experiment within a search for freedom that would completely transform my relationship to money — and to life.

This transformation is an ongoing, falling and getting up practice. And it fills me with joy to now be able to give what I so missed before. No absolute truth, but my trip to the space beyond limiting beliefs like 'but I have to make money’. Because I don't believe we're here to study for a degree so we can get a job to make money to pay the bills for a life of not doing what we truly want.

I feel we're here to Live, fully. And that Living is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and the world.

My book Geld Gaat Nooit Over Geld (literally 'Money is Never About Money') asks the question 'What and whom do we obey?'. It tells the story — in words and images — of the inspiration, falling and getting up that so strengthen(ed) me to come alive.

I'm publishing everything online for free — including videos that tell part of the book's story — and not just for grown-ups. I want this to reach youngsters, children and classrooms.

After a very successful 'unsuccessful' crowdfunding-campaign for the Dutch-language paper version of the book, I will soon start a new round.

If this touches you and/or if Dutch is Chinese to you (and you don't speak Chinese), you can get in touch with me or leave your contact details. I will happily get back to you when the English version of the book comes out.

Until that time, I want to leave you with some stories and videos from the road, in English, on the Astronauts on Earth blog.