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To me, Qigong and Tai Chi are a beautiful gateway to natural flow. Practice dissolves blockages and frees your body from an often contracted and stuck state. Not by applying force but by working from the inside, creating space for what you already carry with you: life energy.

Qigong and Tai Chi literally revitalize you, much more than just physically. The best compliment I ever heard someone give to Qigong came from my dad. I had never told him what Qigong or Tai Chi are; I just invited him to a class. This is what he said afterwards: 'I can understand how people free themselves doing this.'

I found Qigong and Tai Chi at a time when I was stuck, wobbly and insecure about pretty much everything in life. I still am insecure about pretty much everything in life. And sometimes I still wobble and get stuck. But much less than I used to. And with a lot more fun.

I can't tell you in words what practice will bring you. I can say that I'm grateful to have found something that so deeply brings me back to my centre. And I can happily invite you to discover Qigong for yourself.

I'm being taught as I teach. By my teacher and by the people who come to my classes. I learn by doing and by making mistakes. I share from experience, as a human being. And I love doing that.